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Charming and understated, passionate and obsessive about simple, fresh, slow food. We bring in the freshest ingredients from the farms and fields around us to prepare comfort food featuring pizza made by hand. We cultivate deep relationships with area farmers and artisans, celebrating and honoring their ingredients with great respect for the traditions that bring food to table.

Scratch cooking
Our philosophy, all our food is made from scratch in our kitchens. From tortillas to french fries.

We work with our vendors to only use ingredients and products that are sustainable, re-useable or recycling friendly. While always working to reduce garbage and food waste. 

We are committed to community through our support of local non-profits that benefit the local agricultural families in their time of need through our Give Back Dinner program. Having raised more than $120,000 in donations over the past 10 years. Each year, five beneficiaries are selected in an effort to raise funds and awareness for important community initiatives, if you would like your organization to be considered fill in this entry form.

Local Sourcing
Our chefs work with local farmers and producers to utilize their products always paying fair market pricing. Real time harvest information with communication daily about what is being picked. Daily menus based on growing conditions and harvests. Together the chefs and farmers coordinate daily features in both restaurants. Featuring local wine, distillery and brewery products that are made from local produce and produced locally. All of our local sources are within 20 miles of our restaurant. Reducing the carbon footprint created through shipping and distribution companies.

Year Round Employment
We work with local farmers to utilize hoop house produce and cellar vegetables and herbs all winter long. With the goal of making local agriculture a year round sustainable revenue generating business opportunity.   

Few Faces from Our Agricultural Community

Iron Creek Organic Farm
Granor Farm
Gunthorp Farm
Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery
Richter Farm
Stama Farm
Verdant Hollow Farms

Other producers
Broad Street Bagel
P.&E. Mullins Sausage

Local alcohol producers
Journeyman Distillery
Greenbush Brewery
Round Barn Winery and Brewery
Lemon Creek Winery
Dablon Winery
Hickory Creek Winery